Why Outsourced IT from ABS Makes Sense

Ability Business Solutions (CNS) provides a professional, outsourced IT team that assumes responsibility for one or more apsects of your IT organization. It might be monitoring and maintaining your telecommmunications, network infrastructure, taking care of security functions such as patching or virus scanning, providing remote support, or any number of other tasks. You can hire ABS to provide a single function that you'd prefer not to do in-house, a concept known as "out-tasking," or to run your entire IT infrastructure, which would be complete IT outsourcing.

Consider All the Benefits

Eliminate "firefighting," stay focused on "strategy":  Most companies devote 80% or more of their IT resources to maintaining the "status quo"--troubleshooting, patching, provisioning, etc. That leaves much less time for more important strategic projects that focus on business opportunities of real value. Offloading much of the mundane, daily tasks to ABS Managed IT can free up internal IT resources for more profitable endeavors.

Lower Costs:  Because of our extensive cutting edge expertise and techniques, ABS can most often perform functions at a lower cost than an internal IT organization can.

More timely patches and updates:  Hiring ABS will ensure you stay up to date with the latest software packages, OS and application updates.

Improved security:  Keeping patches up to date improves your company's security posture, better ensuring it doesn't fall victim to the latest form of malmare. When your outsource security tasks such as security monitoring and vulnerability scanning, you stay ahead of the bad guys.

Increased UPTIME:  Proactive support, with real-time network monitoring, consistent patching and proper security all contribute to keeping IT systems stable, leading to increased UPTIME. DOWNTIME almost always means losing money.

One flat monthly fee covers it!

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Note: We are currently working on a book (PDF eBook) that explains IT outsourcing in detail. Stay tuned to our emails and Web site so you can get a free copy.

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