Our Range of IT Services
Are you tired of having to pay your personal computer support specialist to come back again and again just to fix the same problem?

Do you spend hours trying to "fix it yourself" because you know it'll be less expensive than calling for help and waiting for days to get results?

Just imagine what it would be like getting 100% of the IT support and maintenance you need for the same, set price every month?

As your computer support specialists, Ability Business Solutions can do all this for you!

ABS I.T. Services:

• Keep all computer systems up and running
• Provides critical data protection and back up
• Secures your network and internet access
• Keeps your companies desired I.T. goals in focus
• Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) planning
• Secure remote backup
• Email and file archiving solutions
• Monitoring software
• Lower cost to try/buy new solutions
• More mobility
• Faster scalability
• Network Support
• I.T. Consulting Services

It’s time to get rid of all those unpredictable costs and all that wasted time arguing over invoices and figuring out ways to contain your IT expenses. It’s time to get back to work! With ABS managed IT service plans, we keep it simple for you. 100% Service for one set price. If you think this is just what you are looking for and want to know more about our Service and Support please call us at 801-466-8486 and spend some time on our infrastructure - we're confident you've never met another IT consulting company like us before.

What sets ABS apart as a trusted technology partner is our unique combination of local and centralized teams of both IT and business professionals who help deliver IT peace of mind to our customers.

We offer:

•   Network Hardware Installation & Set-Up
•   Remote Desktop Support
•   PC Hardware Repair or Upgrade
•   Windows/Software Security Updates
•   Ethernet/Network Hardware Expansion
•   Back-Up for Email/Windows/Documents/Files
•   Windows/Email/Software Solution Support
•   Scan & Print Driver Support
•   Virus, Spyware and Malware Cleaning
•   Network Policy Enforcement
•   Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
•   Microsoft Office 2000/03/07/10
•   Outlook/Outlook Express/MS Mail

If you feel as though you are spending too much on IT services and are not getting what you deserve – first-class service with answers in layman’s terms – then you should turn to ABS for all of your IT outsourcing needs. We are an experienced Utah managed services provider with the technical expertise and good manners. We can completely replace your current IT outsourcer or consult your current IT team, whatever level of IT support you seek. You will enjoy our professional and personable style. We understand that even IT consultants must greet customers with a warm smile and a “hello.”

Our goal is to make your computer systems run smoothly – to simplify your IT, making it manageable and cost-effective. We can provide 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, remote support and much more – anything that you require. When outsourcing with us information technology will not be a headache. Instead, you will rest assured your IT needs are taken care of so you can focus on what is most important to you, your business. For managed IT services in Utah, ABS stands out among the rest.

Total IT Management for Healthcare
Total IT Management for Law Firms
Total IT Management for Financial Services
Total IT Management for Small-Medium Business

Why Outsourced IT from ABS Makes Sense

Ability Business Solutions (CNS) provides a professional, outsourced IT team that assumes responsibility for one or more apsects of your IT organization. It might be monitoring and maintaining your telecommmunications, network infrastructure, taking care of security functions such as patching or virus scanning, providing remote support, or any number of other tasks. You can hire ABS to provide a single function that you'd prefer not to do in-house, a concept known as "out-tasking," or to run your entire IT infrastructure, which would be complete IT outsourcing.

Consider All the Benefits

Eliminate "firefighting," stay focused on "strategy":  Most companies devote 80% or more of their IT resources to maintaining the "status quo"--troubleshooting, patching, provisioning, etc. That leaves much less time for more important strategic projects that focus on business opportunities of real value. Offloading much of the mundane, daily tasks to ABS Managed IT can free up internal IT resources for more profitable endeavors.

Lower Costs:  Because of our extensive cutting edge expertise and techniques, ABS can most often perform functions at a lower cost than an internal IT organization can.

More timely patches and updates:  Hiring ABS will ensure you stay up to date with the latest software packages, OS and application updates.

Improved security:  Keeping patches up to date improves your company's security posture, better ensuring it doesn't fall victim to the latest form of malmare. When your outsource security tasks such as security monitoring and vulnerability scanning, you stay ahead of the bad guys.

Increased UPTIME:  Proactive support, with real-time network monitoring, consistent patching and proper security all contribute to keeping IT systems stable, leading to increased UPTIME. DOWNTIME almost always means losing money.

One flat monthly fee covers it!

Call us today at (801) 466-8486. Ask for Gabe Clark or for the IT Department. Or email us with concerns below.

Note: We have a book (PDF eBook) that explains IT outsourcing in detail. CLICK HERE to download the book.

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