Cost of Downtime Calculator

  This risk calculator helps estimate the potential costs of operating a business without adequate BDR, computer and data protection. The better informed you are about the many financial risks involved, the better you wiil be able to determine the value of protection to your business and prepare accordingly.

Use this worksheet to determine how much your company loses during system failures--due to any number of causes.

If you don't know the exact figures, just guess. Only start from the top, then proceed to the end. Do not start anywhere in the middle.

Don't enter any commas or dollar signs.

Employee Productivity

Enter Annual Revenue of your Company



Enter Number of Employees:



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Enter Total Hours per year, per Employee:
(e.g. 40 hours x 50 weeks = 2,000 hours)


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System Restoration Cost

Enter Total Labor Hours required to replace lost data and restore system by IT Services or Dept:


Enter Per hour cost of Restoration Services by IT Services or Dept.:



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Lost Employee Productivity Cost

Enter Total Hours the system is down per occurence:


Enter % of employees (excluding systems staff)
that are unproductive during each downtime:



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Lost Sales Opportunity Cost

Enter Number of Sales per year:


Enter Estimated number of sales lost due to outage:


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Lost Customer and Damaged Reputation Cost

Enter Total number of customers last year:


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Enter Number of customers lost due to system failure:


Click Here to Calculate Customer and Reputation Cost:
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Click Here to Calculate Yearly Total Cost of Network Downtime:
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Can you afford to lose this much money, even for "occasional" downtime? For many companies and firms, even as few as four hours of downtime can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU. Let Ability Business Solutions implement a comprehensive backup plan at the right cost, based on the size of your company. Contact us today for a free consultation.