ABS Collaborates With Manufacturers

How We Help Manufacturers

We at ABS have found numerous problems experienced in the manufacturing industry and their solutions. They sometimes also need better IT support when they can't afford to keep an in-house specialist. We help manufacturers by providing one simple solution: Lexmark machines and their Solutions software, with easy interfaces and our own backup on-demand Managed IT service. ABS has it all under one roof, one package for one price.

We supply and install Lexmark multi-fuction printers and software design especially to suit the needs of manufacturing companies. We offer the Lexmark Managed Print Services designed for manufacturers.

Experience That Works

Like your company, we are a manufacturing and distribution enterprise that understands itís not just whatís inside the box that counts. Lexmark has the expertise and experience to help you streamline many operational processes and reduce costs in your supply chain and logistics operations.

From the time you receive the order until you ship the product to its final destination, the process is multi-faceted. Each step in the process involves labor and manual paper-intensive processes to pick, pack and ship the order accurately, track its delivery, archive documentation and ultimately receive quick payment from the customer.

Lexmarkís industry-specific solutions help to reduce costs in your manufacturing and distribution operations, while improving quality and productivity levels. Their implementation allows for flexibility in addressing your specific process needs and assures compliance is attained in a secure workflow environment.

75% of the top 20 U.S. manufacturers rely on Lexmark technology. Isnít it time your company learned more about how Lexmark can help you to print smarter, save money and get more done?

Many manufacturers are using aging equipment that is creating workflow problems and losing money for the company. And there are also compatibility issues when networks and operating systems are upgraded (such as to Windows 7 or 8). ABS can solve all these issues at once and move the company toward more profitable operation.

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